Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Custom Colors

Hello fellow readers & followers!
So glad to see that even thought I don't update this blog as much there's still quite a few of you who check this blog everday :)
I just wanted to mention a store I recently discovered called Custom Colors, its a make-up brand that makes the make up for you, infront of you! Their foundation for example is made by mixing colors that will eventually lead to your exact skintone. As someone who has had to mix different fondations to achieve a color closer to my skin tone I really appreciate this concept, because your skin does not fit into a box of light, medium or dark. The foundation is also very light almost like tinted moisturizer so it does not feel heavy like your wearing a mask. 
The brand will also be branching out with lipstick, blush and eyewear.

For more information and visit:
or their facebook

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