Saturday, 26 November 2011



Just wanted to say a HELLLO to all my TASTYTHREADS followers.
I know its been ages. I miss doing this. But it consumes too much of my time. I have free internet on my phone so might consider doing a tumblr or something. But my main priority is writing music, getting my band together, studying music therapy, spending time with family & friends, skateboarding (finally!) and kissing cute boys. Fashion blogging is fun, but there's just more important things in my life then spending hours in front of a computer and posting pictures of clothes i can't afford (no offense to all the lovely fashion bloggers in da world.) I still love checking out all my favorite blogs AND even checking out my old posts - its like my diary! And I just want to thank you all for following and your comments. It's so amazing that people actually care about this blog other then myself LOL. All the best to you all. Might stop by to post on how my music is going (I want to make this thing global!) and if I decide to do a music & tastythreads tumblr, you'll be the first to know!!!!


Nia xx

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