Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Kate Bosworth is a fashion babe....i mean duh!

jewel mint jewelery:

(source:knightcat, unknown)
oh katy kate kate. All us fashionistas love you! You go on struttin' your stuff impeccably in the latest designer duds with your pretty angelic face and quirky blue and brown eyes - and start making a line of jewelery (called JEWEL MINT, check iiiit!) that's gorgeous (!), good quality (!) and f'ing affordable!! WHAT?!!...They ARE no words.
Your only flaw? You don't sell your jewelry internationally :(...meh still love ya thou.

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K'naan (feat. Adam Levine) - Bang Bang!
wOoooh the energy. Love it love it yeaaaah!

Buy studio version:
Bang Bang

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