Sunday, 23 January 2011

Men In Jeans/Chinos

(source: stylesightings, tfs)

The Right Kind & The Right Way to wear them, cause you sure as hell know there's a bad kind and a bad way (stay AWAY)!

So I haven't been blogging lately and I'm sorry for that. Been busy but I hope to take it up a notch soon.
Hope your all well!

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Lykke Li (feat. El Perro De Mar) - Dance Dance Dance (Live in a park somewhere in San Francisco...)
This is too cute. She's got a cold yet she has fun shaking her hips on a windy day and preforming this song with some buds.
So excited for the new Lykke Li. I haven't really gotten into her first two singles...but then I never really like liked this song, but now I think its totally worthy of a post.

Buy now:
Dance, Dance, Dance

P.S: If you wanna hear a cool remixed version of this song...that makes me think it should have been on the World Cup 2010 soundtrack...CLICK HERE!!


  1. love the layout and those chinos are fabulous.

  2. Thank u! & thanks so much for visitng :)