Tuesday, 4 January 2011


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I can't believe this blog has been online over a year now. I just want to THANK YOU ALL, for being awesome blog readers/followers. I really like reading your comments and what you think about the posts. Since it's a NEW YEAR, I might start doing some new things such as posting my OWN outfits :) and adding a Facebook fan page for those who want to keep updated with post and don't have a Google account or signed up to Bloglovin', and maybe much more!
Let's see where the year takes Music & Tastythreads!

Today is also a special day cause it's my Birthday so this post is in honor of all things sparkly!!! and birthdays!! 

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Ryan Adams & The Cardinals - Happy Birthday

Good Charlotte - Like It's Her Birthday

50 cent - In The Club

Stevie Wonder - Happy Birthday

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Happy Birthday

Like It's Her Birthday

In Da Club [Explicit]

Happy Birthday

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