Monday, 31 January 2011

Semi-Formal Wear For Dudes in 30s or above

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Just righhhhhhht. Not too causal, not too formal. AND age appropriate.
Yes gentlemen, it is possible.
What's key?
- Nice blazer
- Nice Shoes
- Casual Jeans
- Casual Shirt/T-shirt.
Watch chicks drool and...Voila!

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Adele - Someone Like You
Such an epic-like heartbreaking song. The melody in the pre-chorus is yummy.

Springtime on the Hor-i-zin

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Kirsten Dunst, eat your heart out! This outfit is so Marc by Marc Jacbos.
I'm not a preppy kinda girl, but I would so wear this outfit in a heartbeat (switch shoes to all white converse).
It's on my wishlist in 1,2,3,4....

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Oh Land - Son of A Gun (Yuksek Remix)
Owwweeee oh yeah! Lovin' this HARD.

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Sun Of A Gun (Yuksek Remix)

smarty pants

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I love these pants - so much! Perfect for work...but i would so wear them with grungy stuff like a band shirt and leather jacket and hells, classy n rockin' :)

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Maya Solovey - Dreamgirls
So sweet. If you like Regina'll thank me for this.

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non-threads post: Grrl, Put Your Records On

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i'm so buying a record player and first vinyl for my next splurge!

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Young Buffalo - Three Deep

My Uniform: Once it gets warmer...


Erin Wasson looking STUNNING for H&M.
She's done her job well. I'm literally gonna get every single item right here...
How can such a simple outfit, make someone SO BEAUTIFUL?

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Oh Land - White Nights
Yup...the new Florence & The Machine...or something.
I finally have a fave Danish band/artist to love :) It's always the Swedes that seem to win my heart.

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White Nights

Sunday, 23 January 2011

Men In Jeans/Chinos

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The Right Kind & The Right Way to wear them, cause you sure as hell know there's a bad kind and a bad way (stay AWAY)!

So I haven't been blogging lately and I'm sorry for that. Been busy but I hope to take it up a notch soon.
Hope your all well!

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Lykke Li (feat. El Perro De Mar) - Dance Dance Dance (Live in a park somewhere in San Francisco...)
This is too cute. She's got a cold yet she has fun shaking her hips on a windy day and preforming this song with some buds.
So excited for the new Lykke Li. I haven't really gotten into her first two singles...but then I never really like liked this song, but now I think its totally worthy of a post.

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Dance, Dance, Dance

P.S: If you wanna hear a cool remixed version of this song...that makes me think it should have been on the World Cup 2010 soundtrack...CLICK HERE!!

Night Out

(source: unknown, tfs)Awesome night outfits, here to help you be inspired.

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Asher Roth (feat. Keri Hilson) - She Don't Wanna Man (Yes Giantess Remix)
This was one of my summer jams! But its just as relevant now. If you follow this blog you know I love awesome remixes, especially the hipster kind ;)!

Tuesday, 4 January 2011


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I can't believe this blog has been online over a year now. I just want to THANK YOU ALL, for being awesome blog readers/followers. I really like reading your comments and what you think about the posts. Since it's a NEW YEAR, I might start doing some new things such as posting my OWN outfits :) and adding a Facebook fan page for those who want to keep updated with post and don't have a Google account or signed up to Bloglovin', and maybe much more!
Let's see where the year takes Music & Tastythreads!

Today is also a special day cause it's my Birthday so this post is in honor of all things sparkly!!! and birthdays!! 

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Ryan Adams & The Cardinals - Happy Birthday

Good Charlotte - Like It's Her Birthday

50 cent - In The Club

Stevie Wonder - Happy Birthday

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Happy Birthday

Like It's Her Birthday

In Da Club [Explicit]

Happy Birthday