Sunday, 25 December 2011


Hello everyone!
So unfortunately, I don't blog much anymore...nowadays I'm keeping busy and harassing my facebook wall shit loads. But I thought it was worth making a post about my favorite music videos of the year 2011. These top 5 all contain great fashion, cinematography, creativity, sillyiness, epicness.
I personally believe the winners are, such as.....

5. Party - Beyonce
Synopsis: Beyonce being hipster and hanging out with normal hipster type ppl among others, whos minds are obviously not blown by the presence of a megastar @ a BBQ on a lovely summer's day.
Beyonce's looking cute & hot as usual, everyone is wearing rad clothes, and theres cool ppl who-are-way-cooler-than-you but HEY! its a Beyonce party, so EVERYone is dancing and having fun at least. AND there's a cool albino guy....I mean what more could you want?!

4. Blow - Ke$ha
Synopsis: What a fun & silly plot of a music video. Humans with unicorn heads, rainbow lazer guns, James Van Der Beek, the more random the better. Ke$ha even dares to take a shower and straightens her hair looking like a brand new sultry popstar! But don't get it twisted, its still Ke$ha....the reason I love this video? Cause it's so unapologetically ridiculous. Its pop music, chillax!
Besides...."she's taken over. Get used too it!" TOLD YA.

3. Teenage Dream - Katy Perry
Synopsis: The cinematography is just that - dreamy. Katy decides to give it a rest with all the gimmicks and makes a video thats tasteful, hipster, cute, fun, young and that's ultimately real and honest. Mrs. Brand frolicks with daYUM hot model (ohmy!not russell?) and goes "all the way" with him, without her drag queen make-up (so cute).
Thumbs up to the French director Yoann Lemoine who also directed the cinematic 

2. Marry The Night - Lady Gaga
Link to video:
Synopsis: Talk about shoving 50 different videos, films, stories into ONE video. Jeeeeeeeeeeeeez! Gaga really is lazy and unambitious. This video is filled with so much I swear I could write a thesis about the fucking video. It's insane. In this video Lady Gaga really tells us her story through all her trials and tribulations. Rejection after rejection! Her madness! Her insecurites! Her drive and dream to be a star! Her decision to marry the night!..... And how in the end she got that record deal from Interscope that catapulted her succesful career. The music video at times reminds me of Girl Interrupted (she'd SO play the Britanny Murphy character, RIP), that low-budget Madonna made for TV movie I saw 3 summers ago about her journey pre-fame, Black Swan, Fame, Showgirls (the non-bitchy version) and Flashdance. This Lady does not like to stick to one story, name it. It's like she threw up all her influences and her ego and said "Here world! THIS is my art." And you better fucking call it performance art, cause she's an artist. 
 The best part: the fierce choregraphy in the dance room - work it gurl! and her dancing in the rain with the fire. Apparently she revealed in an interview that the rain was unexpected, and the director and her crew said it was a health & saftey risk. What does Gaga say?
"Shoot that shit."

And the winner is....

1. We Found Love - Rihanna:
Synopsis: DUH! Despite the fact that the lyrics are fricking repetitive, who gives? It's all about the Calvin Harris music production, the build up is awesome, way to make an annoying trend (yes, dance music i'm talking to you) feel fresh and fun again. So, the music video....its Trainspotting! its Requim for a dream! it's Rihanna looking hot with a guy that coincidentally looks a lot like Chris Brown (but hotter). It's Rihanna wearing some of her coolest outfits and fucking around and being in a destructive relationship (sound familiar?)...its like Sid & Nancy, Ikke & Tina, Bobby & Whitney, Blake & Amy, Kate & Pete, , Rihanna &...basically,I could go on. Its beautiful, its ugly, its high, its low.

Have a happy new year everyone!!!! 2012 baby...u betta since it might be the last one ;)

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Saturday, 26 November 2011



Just wanted to say a HELLLO to all my TASTYTHREADS followers.
I know its been ages. I miss doing this. But it consumes too much of my time. I have free internet on my phone so might consider doing a tumblr or something. But my main priority is writing music, getting my band together, studying music therapy, spending time with family & friends, skateboarding (finally!) and kissing cute boys. Fashion blogging is fun, but there's just more important things in my life then spending hours in front of a computer and posting pictures of clothes i can't afford (no offense to all the lovely fashion bloggers in da world.) I still love checking out all my favorite blogs AND even checking out my old posts - its like my diary! And I just want to thank you all for following and your comments. It's so amazing that people actually care about this blog other then myself LOL. All the best to you all. Might stop by to post on how my music is going (I want to make this thing global!) and if I decide to do a music & tastythreads tumblr, you'll be the first to know!!!!


Nia xx

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Monday, 28 February 2011

outfit galore

(source: elle)
I don't really know who she is..but her outfits are v. interesting:
1) simple black little dress and wickedly unique 3D tights.
2) denim and leather
3) good mix of prints done superbly well, classy even.
4) this makes me want to buy a maxi velvet dress and hot pink sexy heels
5) i am dying for those glasses. she looks like Marina from Marina & the Diamonds here. Awesome.
6) Mixing cosy sweaters with spring/summer dress, good way to end the winter season :)

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Bedouin Soundclash (feat. Coeur de Pirate) - Brutal Hearts

Buy now:
Brutal Hearts

summer, come along faster

(source: wizzystyle)

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The Strokes - I'll Try Anything Once
Slow/Alt. version of my fave Strokes song.

Cute cover of this song in acoustic:
Buy song:
I'll Try Anything Once (Live From Electric Lady Studios For Wrxp, New York)

Sunday, 27 February 2011

dudes (the last month of winter)

(source: stylesightings)

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Foo Fighters - Rope
My FAVE Foo Fighters single in a VERY very long time.

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sheer thing

(source: studdedhearts, serendipity)
WANTED for this summer.

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Lissie - When I'm Alone (Live @ Late Night with Jimmy Fallon)
I always used to skip this song - until I saw this performance.

Buy song:
When I'm Alone

stylish vampire with killer lipstick

A Vampire with killer lipstick...oh wait, it's actually model Ruby Aldridge.

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The Vines - Get Free

Buy song:
Get Free [Explicit]

luh-ke li

(source: unknown, fromgotowhoa)

lykke li looking supersexy on the cover of Maxim Spin magazine.

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Make Out - I Don't Want Anybody That Wants Me
Story of my life..

Buy now:
I Don't Want Anybody That Wants Me

Friday, 25 February 2011

pamela love part 2

(source: unknown, vogueit)
i'm thinking pamela love is the gurl of the moment right now. Ugh - you rmbr those, right? Look to your right, in my obsessions corner to remind yourself :) !
And lookie here, who seems to be her bessie mate? Why, it's Julia Restoin-Rotifeld (cough..daughter of former French Vogue editor-in-chief...bien sur!)

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The Do - Dust It Off
When you go to sleep tonight..listen to this. Its so sooooooooothing.

alexa is baaack

(source: tfs)
I missed posting Alexa Chung posts (as none of her past outfits inspired) so its with great pleasure that I post magazine and red carpet pics! Woop.
This girl shows you how to put together an outfit - damn.
Love how I can pretty much replicate each outfit in my own way...however must get pale turquoise bag and galaxy dress and cute highwaist coloured denim shorts and high waist denim shorts and...oh fuck it.

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Beastie Boys - Intergalactic

Buy now:

Thursday, 24 February 2011

pamela (i'm in) love

(source: elle)
everything about her: her hair, make up (brown eyeshadow, berry lips), the cut of her cute cute dress (need to find a similar one in h&m!) AND of course, her awesome cool incredible jewelry line (i literally want every single piece in these images!)

P.S: On a sorta-but-not-really different topic, was so excited to see Erin Wasson on America's Next Top Model in the latest episode!  She was showin' off her just as awesome jewelery line...Was so stoked :D there's some hot & fierce models this season.

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The Do - Slippery Slope
I used to think this band was so...meh. Alright, but nothing to write home about.
This song changed my mind. Reminds me of M.I.A!

Also, I'm kinda feelin' this fashion-y/editorial music video.
Of course I can't get enough of red hair too.

give me more

(source: lovetheveronics)
the veronicas = make-up inspiration

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Paolo Nutini - Rewind
such a pretty lullaby. oh his vocals.

Buy song:
Rewind [US Album Version]