Friday, 24 December 2010

tasty crush & dude of the moment: Michael Pitt

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The first time I saw Michael Pitt was as Michelle Williams' love interest in Dawson Creek's back in the day (okay like in 2000). All wide-eyed, naive and hopelessly in love with M.W's character Jen - so sweet! Fast-forward, now Michael Pitt's become the golden indie boy, all pretty faced and embarking on obscure and intriguing roles such as the one he played in The Dreamers, or a little more recently in the Gus Van Sant's Last Days as an inspired-Kurt Cobain rockstar. Personally, I didn't really get it...hell, I hardly get these Gus Van Sant movies...but there would be certain angles where his resemblance to Kurt Cobain was pretty damn astonishing.

P.S: Be sure to check out Delirious - my fave movie of his :)

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Ryan Adams & The Cardinals - My Favorite Song
I am so in LOVE with the new Ryan Adams, I could go on....My favorite albums of his are Rock N Roll & Love is Hell EP so his new effort with the Cardinals III/IV is a total blessing, as it's like a mesh of those two albums :)
I ♥ his Julian Casablancas-esque swagger in this song.

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My Favorite Song

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