Wednesday, 8 December 2010

how coco chanel of you, girl

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Leighton Meester has taken note from Coco and decided to wear a rather awesome masculine outfit. This outfit is everwhere for good first it leaves u perplexed on whether you like it or not...then u realize DAMN! You love love it :) I watched the movie Coco Before Chanel last of course Coco was the first person I thought of when I saw this daring outfit (and of course Diane Keaton, Annie Hall anyone? Yea, I know super obvious).

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Brandon Flowers - Crossfire

So yeah, I know I'm like ridicously late to hop on the Brandon Flowers train, but I've been listening to his solo album Flamingo and I love LOVE it! I think it was the random video to this song (with Charlize Theron) that totally but me I got over it and had a listen to Flamingo. So glad I did.

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