Sunday, 26 December 2010

fall inspiration

(source: tfs, whowhatwear)

lovin' each and every outfit and how chilled and comfy they look. oh! and of course, the no make-up look: just a bit of eyeliner and blush...and of course the tired and true lip balm.

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New Young Pony Club - Lost Girl
I used to think this song and melody was so boring. So I though it wasn't worth posting. But weridly enough, I still think melody is quite monoton-esque, yet at the same time something is quite catchy thou...AND look she's working my new favorite make-up! Burgundy lipstick...or as I used to call it "Halloween Lipstick".

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Lost A Girl

killer outfit


Never been a fan of this cobrasnake muse, but the simple awesomeness of this outfit (noteworthy distressed jeans! military waistcoast! docs! oh my)'s just killer.

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Ryan Adams & The Cardinals - Kisses Start The Wars
My fave song from the new album III/IV.

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Kisses Start Wars

Friday, 24 December 2010

tasty crush & dude of the moment: Michael Pitt

(source: tfs)
The first time I saw Michael Pitt was as Michelle Williams' love interest in Dawson Creek's back in the day (okay like in 2000). All wide-eyed, naive and hopelessly in love with M.W's character Jen - so sweet! Fast-forward, now Michael Pitt's become the golden indie boy, all pretty faced and embarking on obscure and intriguing roles such as the one he played in The Dreamers, or a little more recently in the Gus Van Sant's Last Days as an inspired-Kurt Cobain rockstar. Personally, I didn't really get it...hell, I hardly get these Gus Van Sant movies...but there would be certain angles where his resemblance to Kurt Cobain was pretty damn astonishing.

P.S: Be sure to check out Delirious - my fave movie of his :)

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Ryan Adams & The Cardinals - My Favorite Song
I am so in LOVE with the new Ryan Adams, I could go on....My favorite albums of his are Rock N Roll & Love is Hell EP so his new effort with the Cardinals III/IV is a total blessing, as it's like a mesh of those two albums :)
I ♥ his Julian Casablancas-esque swagger in this song.

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My Favorite Song

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

FAKE fur love

(source: vogueit, tobaccoandleather, tfs, stylesightings)

i've been wearing my fake fur jacket lately and i totally(!) forgot how warm they are, they are 3 times (!) warmer then my other winter COATS! Craziness. I love it how it adds glamour even when i'm wearing jeans and converse..oh and please go FAKE! No need to kill lives and contribute to the exctinction of our beautiful creatures.

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Beachwood Sparks - By Your Side (Sade cover)
cuteness :)

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By Your Side

Monday, 20 December 2010

dudes in the winter

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Brandon Flowers - I Came Here To Get Over You

Why are my favoite songs always bonus tracks?
I don't listen to much Bowie...but isn't this SO D.B?? Am I wrong? It sounds like the perfect 80s Karaoke song...even though it was probably written last year or so. I love the bit where he sings all Bob Dylan like: "lights are burning like keroseeeeeeeeene" :)

Sunday, 19 December 2010

Gothic Queen

(source: tfs)

...with outfits like these, no wonder she played a vampire.

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The Dead Cool Dropouts - Green Eyes Make Me Blue
Haunting song.

Cool Brand/Designer for the Dudes: BRIXTON

(source: fashiongrungestyle via denim geek)

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Adele - Rolling In The Deep
This song is so dramatic n awesome.

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Rolling In The Deep

grab a sweater

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Trespassers William - Stay

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Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Risky Business

(source: justjared, laineygossip)

Now if you even DARE try (its very risky people!) THIS is how u do denim & denim - the RIGHT WAY.

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Boomkat - Don't B So Shy

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Don't Be So Shy

how coco chanel of you, girl

(source: unknown)

Leighton Meester has taken note from Coco and decided to wear a rather awesome masculine outfit. This outfit is everwhere for good first it leaves u perplexed on whether you like it or not...then u realize DAMN! You love love it :) I watched the movie Coco Before Chanel last of course Coco was the first person I thought of when I saw this daring outfit (and of course Diane Keaton, Annie Hall anyone? Yea, I know super obvious).

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Brandon Flowers - Crossfire

So yeah, I know I'm like ridicously late to hop on the Brandon Flowers train, but I've been listening to his solo album Flamingo and I love LOVE it! I think it was the random video to this song (with Charlize Theron) that totally but me I got over it and had a listen to Flamingo. So glad I did.

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