Sunday, 31 October 2010

lauren conrad is TOO damn perfect

(source: unknown, glamourmagazine, instyle, tfs )

But it's okay, I forgive her.
I'm more of a messy hair, slightly sloppy clothes kinda girl. But I can appreciate her style. I admit, I was the girl who tuned into The Hills, just so I could see Lauren & co.'s cute outfits too-perfect hair & make-up. She's also a good source of inspiration for office/work wear or interviews. Whenever I wanna be less rockin' roll (which is rare) and more lady-like or professional, she's my go-to girl.  
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Jaymee Dee - Love Whiplash (RAC Mix)
Just discovered this girl a couple hours ago and lovin' her stuff, especially vocals and guitar skills...check her out on youtube.

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