Sunday, 17 October 2010

inspiration for men's style: fall/winter

From the GANT Rugger Fall Collection 2010
There's some great layering here. Look hot and STAY warm guys :)

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Rihanna (feat. Drake) - What's My Name?
Lovin' this TRACK! It's like the new RUDE BOY, at first you think it's totally a mediocre song, and then it creeps up on you and its soooo addictive! I really hope this song becomes a number 1 HIT and people notice the POP GENIUS of this little gem, as it could be well underrated. However, the fact that even MY MOM likes it (really?!)...makes me think it could be smash!!


1 comment:

  1. I'm back to give you another "dude comment" ;)
    I'm usually more of a dress shirt and necktie kind of guy, but I'm really liking the outdoorsmen layered flannels and boots look. Too bad I can't wear it to the office.