Friday, 8 October 2010

Army Green Lovin'

 the dress:

the pants:

the jackets:

the others:
(source: tfs, sincerelyjules, wildfox, stylesightings, studdedhearts, elle )
So the other day I bought some lovely army inspired tastythreads from H&M. One being an almost see-through olive green shirt, and the other; olive green skinny jeans with two pockets in the front and gold zippers at the bottom kinda like Daria's here but with pockets on the thigh area too (actually, i think its modeled on this post, see the pants, it's the girl on the right)! Really happy with that find as it was on my wishlist for Fall/Winter 2010-11.

Above are a collection of pics on how you can wear the lovely army green or olive green - however you call it. I've been collecting these for a while so there's quite a lot!

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Morningwood - Best Of Me

Sorry remember when I wondered what happened to Morningwood?
Well looks like they had an album LAST YEAR! And it's great....check it out!

Live version:

Watch this video! This frontwoman makes me wanna start a band like...NOW!!!

Buy song:
Best of Me

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