Sunday, 19 September 2010


(source: vogueitalia)

So inspired by alice's outfits here: leather skirt n plaid. see through top, wear t-shirt as dress with leather jacket, ribbed tights and cute girly dress. ♥♥
...and you know i will be copying her hairstyle again once i get my weave back on again :P
Sky Ferreira...and her weird beauty really intrigues me; her messy hair put together with red lipstick really gets to me.i also love when she can be a little more put together for photoshoots but still look like herself (note: that green cardigan and cool silver necklase is dope!).
n guess what; FYI: they both have brazillian roots in them!

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Nouvelle Vague - Too Drunk To Fuck (The Dead Kennys cover)
This cover has literally become its own classic. Lovin' the frenchy makes everything sound cute, no matter how many times she says fuck.

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