Saturday, 4 September 2010

grandma's dress

...cuz sometimes it just works!
Just don't be suprised if your grandama wants to wear it too has the exact same one in her closet.
P.S: Isbella Lucas would  probs be beautiful wearing anything thou...

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Katy Perry - Hummingbid Heartbeat

So, I think this might be it for Katy Perry least for a little while. I just want you to know her music, cuz she's SO underated as a songwriter AND singer. This song reminds me so much of Journey's Dont Stop Believing...the guitar has that same 80s arena rock feel. The lyrics are clever and a little naughty...the usual Perry, really.

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Hummingbird Heartbeat [Explicit]

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  1. She is so beautiful!

    stumbled upon your blog deff following. follow back?