Thursday, 26 August 2010

lingere as outwear rocks

(source: mrnewton)
so sexy. i'm so impressed that she makes this looks like a cute dress, and not trashy.

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Katy Perry - Peacock

Aaaah! I actually don't wanna like this song. But you get sucked in! You really do.
In honour of Katy Perry's new album release week (I've been waiting over half a year!!! so excited) here's another of her new songs :P
Yes, I am the Stan to Katy Perry's Eminem.

P.S: Sorry for continuing the spread of the annoying-addictive-pop-song by posting this, you know what i'm talking about! (i.e: 'my humps', avril's 'girlfriend', etc.)

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Peacock [Explicit]

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