Monday, 23 August 2010

Favorite Outfits of (Last) Week

(source: knightcat, studdedhearts, elle, style)

a mix of summer outfits and getting-ready-for-fall outfits. it's still quite hot here.
i'm loving the pretty blouses the one that Sienna Miller's wearing (doesn't she look hot?!) and the first one at the top too, it has nice wintery feel.
Of course, I'm still loving the cute simple light summer outfits, i've been posting so many lately! I'm trying to fit in as many outfits like these before the end of summer :D

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Barbara - Pursuit of Happiness (Kid Cudi Cover)
This cover is great, it reminds me of Iron & Wine. A perfect end to a road trip playlist or something. I hate the first couple lyrics in the first verse as it seems to condone DUIs - not cool. But I love the overall spirit of it. (Besides the first couple lyrics) its such a cool song to live up to...and to class as one of your mottos or soundtrack to your life.

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