Monday, 30 August 2010

sparkle, from night to day!

(source: elle)
night: skinny jeans & heels, perfect for a night out of clubbing. Or going to an art gallery(?, check out background)

day: nude & gladiator sandals. Tip: Everything else - keep it simple.

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Katy Perry - Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F)
Are you tired of her yet?! I know, I know.
I finally got the album today!! This is my favorite song from her album, tied with another song..It's personally the most relatable, every other line I'm like:" yup, I did that!" or "Yes, totally said that". LOVE when that happens. The production of this song is so sleek and perfect, musically it reminds me a lot of Phoenix's recent albums (the last 3 of them).

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Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.) [Explicit]                                                    Hell, BUY THE ALBUM peeps!:
Teenage Dream

Sunday, 29 August 2010


(source: serendipity, gypsystardust, knightcat,tfs)

Plaid is here to stay, so we better get used to it. they came back in trends about two years ago, and they just won't go away. Let's embrace...

P.S: What do we have here? Lindsay Lohan...looking stylish?! It's a frickin' MIRACLE. Rmbr those days when she used to get it right often? (not a lot of people do). Here's to a few more of this from Miss. LiLo (before ends up in jail again!).

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Mystery Jets - Waiting On A Miracle

Moooore Mystery Jets...really like the intro of this song...really grungy reminds me of Smashing Pumpkins & another band...the vocals also sound like The Kooks in this song.

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Waiting On A Miracle

Gillian is a babe with style

(source: tfs)
she doesn't always hit the mark (check out 2nd picture) but her style is always intriguing, regardless - totally admire that.

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Mystery Jets - Melt

I really like the subtle doo-wopness of this song, with a little Marvin Gaye suave sprinkled on top. There's also something 80s about it like a love song The Cure might have written back in the day. Cuteness.

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Saturday, 28 August 2010

zzzzzzz berg

(source: knightcat)
..wearing a cute little number.

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Cute Is What We Aim For - Navigate Me

This song is weirdly catchy. The lyrics make you cringe every now and then, but still, a nice attempt at a sexy song about sex.

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Navigate Me (Album Version)

Friday, 27 August 2010

scrapbook love

about time! enjoy another page from my scrapbook.

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Tegan & Sara - Hell

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Hell (Album Version)

Thursday, 26 August 2010

lingere as outwear rocks

(source: mrnewton)
so sexy. i'm so impressed that she makes this looks like a cute dress, and not trashy.

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Katy Perry - Peacock

Aaaah! I actually don't wanna like this song. But you get sucked in! You really do.
In honour of Katy Perry's new album release week (I've been waiting over half a year!!! so excited) here's another of her new songs :P
Yes, I am the Stan to Katy Perry's Eminem.

P.S: Sorry for continuing the spread of the annoying-addictive-pop-song by posting this, you know what i'm talking about! (i.e: 'my humps', avril's 'girlfriend', etc.)

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Peacock [Explicit]

clemence poesy

(source: serendipity, lefashion)

I'm so in love with the first outfit. Those tye-dye skinnes!! and oh how it fits with that rock tee!! The second one is great too, how she mixes the basic nude tee with a tye dye skirt.

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Cat Power - Metal Heart (Live @ David Letterman)

Cat Power - Metal Heart (Live on Letterman 04.01.08)

What a magical performance of this song. I'm not her biggest fan but this song really captures me, especially the part when she recites a bit of Amazing Grace...ouf! Also, her outfit is awesome here too! I love her signature hairstyle, so beautiful - she looks French. And she wears khaki green so well. What a natural beauty.

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Metal Heart

Wednesday, 25 August 2010


(source: wizzystyle)
Noot! I love her name, it sounds so cute :D and her style is lovely and laidback.
I would love that blouse/kimono looking pretty, and vintage-looking

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Mos Def - Umi Says

I love how psychadelic this song makes me high. love love!
P.S: He's also quite the snappy dresser. Post on Mos Def's style to come soon!
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UMI Says [Explicit]

i ♥ florence + her red hair

(source: mtv)
i love how one day she dresses up all cute/angelic/goddess-like, the next day it's grandma's tea dress, and then the next its gothic siren. And it all looks legit and fits her completely.

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Christina Aguilera - You Lost Me
Her best single or even song in AGES & ages!!! I almost broke in tears when i heard this on the radio.
Do you think Florence could have a go at this one? Would be interesting.

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You Lost Me

couple du jour: drew & justin

(source: fashioncanvas)

Their outfits aren't particularly cute, seems like its more about comfort then style here. However, they are some great items here and there i.e: plaid shirt, sunnies, nice jeans, hippie hair, hippie top. But I just love Drew and her lovely attitude & personality, her inner beauty seems to show on the outside.
And they seem like the cutest couple!

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Jimmy Eat World - For Me This Is Heaven

So, I'm currently running out of new songs to post, so I'm relying on some of my favorites, and classics.
"Can you still feel the butterflies?"

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For Me This Is Heaven

dude, where u been?

So i miss posting cool dude outfits (they're not many out there), but I really try to bring the best that I can find, so expect some more dude posts soon.

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The Spill Canvas - All Over You
I love how dramatic the lyrics of this band are. You'll most likely be obsessed.

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All Over You (Album Version)