Friday, 9 July 2010

She can't be taaaaaamed! STAGE OUTFITS edition


So, it has come to conclusion, that i'm kinda in love with miley's "new look". At first, I thought her outfits were a little too slutty for my liking (not to mention cliche..Britney all over again!)...But then after I conversed with one of my BFFs (shout out to Skype! what did we do before it existed?) I realized that I, and my friend were both totally into her outfits, for a main reason: If YOU were a 17 year old popstar wouldn't you totally wanna steal some of her outfits?? My answer is hell to the mothef'in YES!!!
I mean hot satin bodysuits! thigh highs! awesome jewelery! leather!
what's not too like?
@ least she not be wearing hooker heels (yet?):
Just sayin'!
i mean to be honest, i think the outfit IS super cool, minus the hooker heels...i mean those heels even has a tips holder (wtff?)
p.s: me thinks artists/musicians smokin' on stage is totally lame n unprofessional. There! I said it.

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