Friday, 16 July 2010

miley out & about


myohmiley! Someone has a little unexpected streetstyle, and here I thought it was a team of stylists that made her so..well stylish.
My two favorties? Kurt Cobain maxi dress (wow wow too amazing....never seen anything like that) and the incredible boho bag...I want it, I want it now!

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I have been soo obsessed with remixes lately, and now I've found a new obsession: MASHUPs! Whenever your bored of the same songs those are two ways to end it! (did that even make sense?)

Miley Cyrus vs. Stone Temple Pilots - Stone Temple Miley [MashUP by Lobsterdust]
This MashUP is just too good...I love when rock n pop collide ♥
look out for more MashUps in the future!
Download song here

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  1. I like that her style is so casual