Monday, 12 July 2010

Erin Wasson Part 2

(source: tfs)
The obsession summer style inspiration (and gurl of the moment) shows you how its done :)

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Grizzly Bear vs. Lily Allen - Two Fair Weeks [Fred Falke Remix, MashUP by Marc Johnce]
This remix & mashup is absolute genius. pure addiction.

If you search on google, you'll be able to find the download pretty quick.


  1. Me encanto el buzo verde de laa primeras fotos! Muchos besitos

  2. i love that picture of erin wasson in the green hoodie. she the best lips ever! and look at those cheeckbones!
    and on top of her good looks she also has amazing style. that girl has everything!

  3. it really isn't fair huh?

    glad u guys like the pics! the one with the green hoodie is kinda rare in the blogesphere :)


  4. I freakin well love erin wassons style and overall look. SHE ROCKS!!
    Rianna xxx