Friday, 2 July 2010

erin is a beauty

(source: wizzystyle)
it is no news that i find her style and je ne sais quoi absolutely stunning. i love how her style and attitude transcends through a picture...even she's not wearing much! Inspiring.
She makes me wanna have an arm tattoo.

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Frankmusik - Run Away From Trouble
Lovely atmospheric music, from his usually dance-y electronica. Makes you wanna chill in the beach.

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Run Away From Trouble


  1. frankmusik is just great for the summer.
    love her too! her arm tattoo is actually the first thing i noticed about this picture and i was transfixed by it. it is just gorgeous. ive never really thought about having a tattoo there but it does look amazing x

  2. there will be much more erin wasson to come! so watch this space :D