Monday, 26 July 2010

dudes, buy these jeans and your golden!


jeans from genetic denim.
perfect. essential...what more can i say? this is all you need. If a gurl isn't getting with you in these jeans, then I seriously don't know whats up(!) jk jk....
If you can't get the originals, try to find similar in other stores!

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Raised By Swans - Relentless
I love love this band, have been listening to them a lot. I got into them thanks to the movie Chloe. So beautiful, reminds me of  the way I feel about Sigur Ros.

Buy this AMAZING song:


  1. Oh, I totally agree. The model also helps! hehe

  2. HI

    Its great to see that your so passionate about everything you do. Really enjoy your website and I am
    regular visitor.

    Tara Murray

  3. alissa: oh yeah, that's just a minor detail! lol

    tara: you so sweet thanks for your kind words :)