Wednesday, 2 June 2010

yes please

(soure: style and the city)
excuse me, can I have that cutie-frenchie that seems to be holding his girlfriend's bag to-go please?
(or maybe its his?)

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Evan Taubenfeld - Boy Meets Girl
Cutie cute cute song. Don't you just wish you could go out with a singer-songwriter dude so he can write cute songs about you? I know I do.

Buy song here:
Boy Meets Girl


  1. it would be cool to have songs written about you but normally these singer songwriter guys are wierd! theyre the sort of guys who overthink things, are a bit neurotic, quite creative. not my type of guy at all!
    however that french guy is stunning! i cant decide what i want more, him or the handbag! x

  2. ha! love your comments rebecca :)