Wednesday, 23 June 2010

so many denim shorts, so little time

(source: fashioncanvas, knightcat, elle, tfs, hanneli)

my love for denim shorts is no secret.
ohmygoodness! where do i start people?
(starting from top left...)

1) perfect outfit for the beach. bandeau bra, cute vintage sheet crop top and high-waist denim shorts.

2) men's work shirt, denim shorts and converse hightops >>> classic!

3) sharpen up a laidback outfit with a smart black blazer.

4) oh yes! cutie cute headscarf tied into a bow :)

5) gawgeous. dress-up denim shorts with pretty blouse and cute pumps.

6) denim on denim. it works sometimes. but be cautious. i love how they have the doc marteens (with heels) totally throws off the preppy look. v. cool.

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