Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Florence, I ♥ U!

(source: lastfm, contactmusic)
I really love how her style is so diverse! Of course she's got that mystical, enchanted witch trademark thing going on that ppl know her for, but she mixes it up all the time, sometimes more girly, more glam and she loves to show off her legs! I especially love her gorgeous HAIR, which I keep telling myself I will emulate eventually in this lifetime!

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Queens of the Stone Age - Make It Wit Chu

Another favorite ginge redhead rocker of mine!
Used to be one of my favorite make out songs! Nice to groove to.
P.S: Just realized that Josh Homme looks far too much like Craig Kilborn (the douchebag boyfriend in Old School...late night host...)
 Seperated at birth?

1 comment:

  1. florences hair is something i will love and remember forever! i remember the first time i saw her performing and i was just in awe of her. her style, her singing. shes just epic x