Tuesday, 18 May 2010

pin me up. pin me down.

(source: teen vogue, studded hearts, models)

I adore the pin up look, especially because I have the body type to pull it off...its all about the hourglass.

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Tokyo Police Club - Wait Up (Boots Of Danger)
This is why I like indie music. Add it to your summer playlist.


  1. Hi! You can not imagine how happy I am for your comment! I always visited your blog but never commented because I do not know any English, all translated by google translator! ; X I was very happy to know that you like my blog, welcome and come back soon, ok? I'll put a button for English translation! Oh, I'm Brazilian!


  2. oh my gosh your so cute! I will definetly be posting more comments on your blog :D I'll try to get a google translator thing on this blog too, not sure how it works but will try :)