Tuesday, 6 April 2010

skate skate away (with doodah)

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My new hobby this summer? Skateboarding. My friend taught me last summer on a longboard (shout out to Nik & Marta!)...and I loved it. I've been postponing to skate because of the snow but now...no excuses! Okay just one...My brother was given an old-tattered skateboard by his friend, that of course he has never touched since.. I was planning to use that one but now its probably in the storage room amongst a ton and ton of crap that would probably take me one ENTIRE day to uncover.
So...in the end I'm contemplating about buying a new one. I've got my eyes on the supermodel skateboards by Doodah, a SWISS (what?! how cool!) skateboard label. I really want the Erin Wasson version (she's the ultimate...I mean she IS a skateboarder herself, and has a half-pipe in her backyard - see here) but at the same time I would go for anyone else too. I just love the idea of having a pin-up on your skateboard (and a fashionable one at that, what a bonus). So rad!

The Doodah Supermodel Skateboards:
(source: doodah)

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Angus & Julia Stone - Big Jet Plane
This song is so pretty, catchy, romantic. Lovin'. It.

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Big Jet Plane

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  1. I hope your still skating. Summer is here again and those skate decks are awesome.