Thursday, 1 April 2010

LowLuv by Erin Wasson

(sources: denimblog, tfs + all sources below: smuglossy)
Really into Erin Wasson's jewelery line: LowLuv by Erin Wasson. Its fairly priced for real (sterling?) silver, and totally embodies Erin Wasson's style to a tee, which means its laidback, hippie, Native American influenced and edgy. I really like the cross necklase (you can never go wrong with wearing one), and the rings and the braclets...hell I pretty much like everything.
You can click here to see a video from a local news coverage on the opening of her jewelery line LowLuv by Erin Wasson which was in her hometown of Texas.
Below are some pictures from the coverage :
the jewelery:
thoes shoes.....
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The Velvet Underground - Sweet Jane
This song I think totally goes with the Erin Wasson hippie vibe....there's also something so modern about it. The first time I heard it, I felt it was very current for some reason..I guess its what you call a classic, it never goes out of style.
P.S: its best when you listen to it loud :)
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Sweet Jane

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