Sunday, 4 April 2010

kings of leon

(source: captainoats)

It's been a while since I posted a male-related post. So here is (in my opinion) the best dressed (all-male) band in the world right now. Not suprising they recently got offered a deal to sell Kings of Leon 'inspired' clothing. Can't wait for their next album...but for now, since they have already given so much love to everyone in Euroupe by spending most of their tour dates there (well we loved them first :P), they will now be touring mostly in US it seems this year. Sux for moi...they are still my number one MUST see band, along with Rolling Stones (hey u never know if it will be their last tour or not).

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Kings of Leon - Red Morning Light
A favorite of many.


  1. They really are the best dressed all-male band!

  2. I just love them. I listen to their music almost everyday and never get tired of it. And they're really hot and well-dressed!