Monday, 12 April 2010

i lykke

(source: lastfm)

Who is she?
She's sooo cool. It's Lykke Li!
 She has that Swedish charm and Swedish style (in my opinion the Swedes do it best). I like how she wears black, I usually think all black outfits are kinda boring, but she makes it work. From these pictures alone, you get a sense that her style involves a lot of black, silver jewelery, black eyeliner and of course that trademark blonde hair.
The sunglasses in the first pic are to die for! Really want those.  
And how dope is it that she uses a speakerphone in her performances? Anyone who works it with a speakerphone on stage is cool in my book. Lykke very much.

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K-Os - Equalizer
This song is a grower. What I love most is the chorus...I can't help but fall in love for summery choruses right now....It makes me smile.

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  1. she is so cool and she makes amazing music! i think at first i really just fell in love with the way she performed i mean like you said speakerphones are just THE coolest!
    also her fashion sense is very cool but doesnt she looks a bit like lady gaga in the first picture?!
    i dunno maybe its just me! x

  2. totally agree!
    I was almost gonna point out that the sunglasses she's wearing the first one are a lil' lady gaga!

  3. I love the sunglasses in the first picture!