Sunday, 11 April 2010

couple du jour: whit & jay

(source: luxurina, unknown)

Okay so their not together anymore...or were they ever really together? I'd like to think so. Anywho, love Whitney Port's outfit; so much colour but so good, it's the purple in the bag (so cute!) and dress that makes the outfit work. And even thou Jay's outfit is a bit too hipster, its still nice and works. I miss posting boys/men's style posts so its good to add a little something.
Looking forward to the new season of THE CITY. Total guilty pleasure.

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Madonna - What It Feels Like For A Girl
Really like this track. There's something indie, electro and chilled about it which I like, as its not very "Madonna". But then again what is typically Madonna, cuz she changes all the time. Lyrically she's quite simple, I guess that's her trademark...but there's depth in it, which sometimes people forget or don't assume.

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What It Feels Like For A Girl (Album Version)

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