Sunday, 21 March 2010

stylestalker dresses

(source: stylestalker)

Beautiful dresses from Australian label: StyleStalker.

P.S: ...and their real decent prices :)

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Ryan Adams - Wonderwall (Oasis cover)
It might be a crime, but I prefer this version way more then the original. His vocals and the guitar makes it so heartbreaking.


  1. thanks for the post! we love your blog x

  2. Your very welcome! Thank you means a lot. I love your blog and your adorable clothes!!


  3. no way! i think oasis shouldnt really be covered but actually snowpatrol did this amazing cover of wonderwall. it was at one of the festivals last year when oasis didnt play.. so many people have tried to do covers of wonderwall but it takes an amazing artist to get it right. sorry i can seem to shut up! x

  4. yea.
    I know my statement brings much debate. I'm not really an Oasis fan so its easier for me to like musicians/artists who do covers of their songs. However, I can truly say that they (liam & co.)did write great songs.
    I just love how he (Ryan Adams) totally changed the vibe of this song by doing his own version. But of course since he changed it big time, you either love it or you hate it.
    I will def. check out the snow patrol version.

    I love these music nerd debates so def. DON'T shut up! ha ha