Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Some LOVE for Fashion Week (Milan)

(source: tobaccoandleather, wildfox, studdedhearts)

Designers from Top left: Roberto Cavalli, Unknown, Emillio Pucci.

So in love with the gold dresses from Emillio Pucci, sexy.

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Lady Gaga (ft. Marylin Manson) - LoveGame (Live @ Isle of MTV Malta 2009)
After seeing the new European dates for Lady GaGa's tour, I have this huge desire to go and see her huge production show: Monsters Ball.

This song/ performance is from last summer during the festival season. Its one of the many videos that has convereted me into a "little monster". It was her festival gigs that really proved how she wasn't just another good popstar, but like a fcking awesome one! Her whole festival set is awesome (totally recommmend watching the whole set on mtv europe website or jst youtube it). She's so bad ass and agressive with her gestures - so rare in pop music. I also love how her festival shows seem kinda low budget (think school musical) but somehow its in a cool way (watch the opener of the show 'Paparazzi'). The music direction for the show is also totally awesome and makes her dance pop songs almost genreless cause you can hear aspects of urban music, metal, euro dance in the live performance.

This song is mad good live, makes me wanna rock out with a glow stick or sumthing. I don't usually get that feeling.  

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