Wednesday, 3 March 2010

M.F.W.L.G.I: My Friend Would Look Good In...

(source: me)

These are a few scans from my scrapbook. I love styling my friends, so when my friend said she would love to hear my ideas I couldn't help myself and made two pages in my scrapbook. My friend; Edyta is really tall and slim, and loves the rock 'n' roll laidback vibe,  so I thought the perfect style inspiration would be model's off duty!

You can enlarge the scans by clicking on them!

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The Perils - Lipstick Sister (Live)

It's a mutal fave of my friend and I.

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  1. That is so cool! So sweet of you to do that for a friend!

  2. its such a cool idea! id love to do some for my friends! i love the way you did it with so many different ideas! very cool! x

  3. yup, Nia does an excellent job with me ;)