Wednesday, 10 March 2010

i'm sorry i lost your glove

(source: unknown)

I adore these whiskey printed tees. My friend has a Jack Daniels version which is awesome. I love how its dark grey, so it looks like it used to be black and has faded, giving it a very vintage look. I only got to wear it once. And then I lost it in my room. I found it crumpled in the corner somewhere, was so bummed cause it would have totally been my summer staple ....wearing it with denim cut-off shorts and converse...or heels.
Come to think of it...My summer staple this summer has got to be HIGH-WAIST denim cut-off shorts.
Start searching....

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Juliette Lewis - Uh Huh
I AM the BIGGEST Juliette & The Licks fan (big big fan). But not so much Juliette Lewis's new stuff...Until I saw this adorable video:

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  1. yeah i never really thought about it but youre right. whisky tees are really cool!
    i also saw a picture of florence wearing a titanic tee which iwas so cool!
    i think thats what i wanna wear this spring, cool tees! x