Friday, 12 March 2010

H & M Clothes + Me = LOVE

(source: 10th muse, tinylights)

Anyone who has ever been in my wardrobe knows that practically all I own are H & M clothes. Except for my jeans (which are courtesy Topshop. For the simple reason that I am 5 foot 2, okay 5 foot 1 and 3/4!).

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Charlotte Sometimes - Losing Sleep
I just discovered this song recently, its been on repeat ever since. The music production sounds so fresh, so pop and perfect for the upcoming spring :)
If you like this song, enjoy it with a cutesy montage of The Notebook, with tasty crush of the moment: Ryan Gosling <3
Lyrically it totally fits the female character's perspective, I never really thought of it that way. SO perfect.

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