Monday, 29 March 2010

Goodbye Winter

wishlist for fall 2010 : lambskin coat

Nice dressed dude in Winter:

(sources: unknown, kjohnlasoul)

I just wanted to get rid of all my Winter-ish pictures. Because it is officially Spring!
Okay so it can still be frickin' cold from time to time, but the sun is out (!) and that's what matters at the moment.
I have to admit...I am craving a lambskin coat (like the one above)...I spotted a girl in town wearing one, getting on her bike, and she looked A-mazing. Its just so shabby chic (that's the first time i've used that Anyway, I will be searching for one come Winter time, or maybe get one on Sale soon? (foaming at the mouth)
Who knows.....

Nada Surf - Happy Kid

This song has been my theme song for ages! Love it....another one that reminds me of summer and good times.

Buy song here:
Happy Kid

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