Monday, 8 March 2010

expect the unexpected

(source: truenorthstyle)

i love a good fashion paradox: flannel/plaid shirt & suspenders?

Band of Skulls - Cold Flame
Really like the bluesy feel of this song. It reminds me a bit of King of Leon's Arizona. I seem to be comparing everything to Kings of Leon lately. I guess Kings is kinda like your first real boyfriend, that you compare everyone you date against. Or something like that. Anyway enjoy this song with a nice glass of vino.


  1. if only i could walk out the door like that and not look like i forgot to get dressed/a complete slut! its a look i fell in love with after watching desperately seeking susan and madonnas character walked out in something like that and i was just like wow! thats what i wanna be able to do but living in manchester i think people would stare a lot! and probably youd get a lot of wolf whistles! x

  2. yea that's a hard one.
    It's pretty hard to pull of if your not a rockstar or at some fashion shoot. The look that I think might be a bit easier to pull off is a look I posted in December 2009. The link is:

    They are Wolford tights which is a British brand for tights. So hopefully u can find them or something like it in Manchester :)
    If you wear them with a short t-shirt dress, or something understated like that I think it could work better in "the real world".

    Good luck with them....a might see desperately seeking susan now that you mentioned it :)...