Wednesday, 31 March 2010

a little bit messy


messy & pretty - like it!
p.s: doesn't alexa chung look a bit like willa holland here?

Grizzly Bear - Two Weeks
Two Weeks

Monday, 29 March 2010

Goodbye Winter

wishlist for fall 2010 : lambskin coat

Nice dressed dude in Winter:

(sources: unknown, kjohnlasoul)

I just wanted to get rid of all my Winter-ish pictures. Because it is officially Spring!
Okay so it can still be frickin' cold from time to time, but the sun is out (!) and that's what matters at the moment.
I have to admit...I am craving a lambskin coat (like the one above)...I spotted a girl in town wearing one, getting on her bike, and she looked A-mazing. Its just so shabby chic (that's the first time i've used that Anyway, I will be searching for one come Winter time, or maybe get one on Sale soon? (foaming at the mouth)
Who knows.....

Nada Surf - Happy Kid

This song has been my theme song for ages! Love it....another one that reminds me of summer and good times.

Buy song here:
Happy Kid

Currently wanting WICKED JEWELERY & RED Hair

(source: vichollo)

...especially the jewelery. Yum, I want to start wearing at least three rings in my hands on daily basis.

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Anarbor - Let The Games Begin
silly pop-punk song.

Buy EP here:
Free Your Mind

Sunday, 28 March 2010

S.W.L.G.I (She Would Look Good In...)

(If a dress from Erin Fetherston's Fall 2010 collection, was worn by Zooey Deschanel it would be.....)
Perfection. Duh!

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Catherine Feeny - Always Tonight
Another lovely song that reminds of Summer...It gets me so excited.

Click image to buy song:
Always Tonight

Will Work 4 Clothes


I want it I needs to get a job.

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CSS - Beautiful Song

Loves the music....v. summery.

To buy record click here:
Beautiful Song

Thursday, 25 March 2010

non-threads post: gui-tar!

(10th muse)

In high school I had a band, it wasn't a big deal but it was so fun...the majority of the time we were all chicks which was rad - and of course, it kinda realized my rockstar dreams a lil'. I hope to revive them soon. I remember one or two of the drummers in the band (we changed band members loads) introduced me to the coolest bands. Most notably, Sigur Ros and Test Icicles...What I love about Test Icicles is I would have never considered listening to them at the time.....but they are wickedly awesome. Give it a try...

Test Icicles - Circle Square Triangle

Test Icicles - Catch It

Unfortunately they "no longer exist", in other words they broke up. But you can buy their album by clicking the image below:

For Screening Purposes Only
For Screening Purposes Only
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Wednesday, 24 March 2010

The Olsens

The Ultimate Fashion Inspiration.
*From my scrapbook*
Click scan to enlarge

The Storkes - You Only Live Once
I love the weather lately. You don't have to wear Winter jackets anymore. And the air just feels different. Summer is almost here...hell it sometimes feels like its already here.
This is one of my favorite songs that automatically makes me think of Summer. The chord progression, the strumming it. And the lyrics are so spot on too.

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Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Rockin' Tees

(source: unknown,, streehearts)

I'm contemplating whether to buy a Bruce Springsteen T-shirt, which I recently saw in H & M. The only thing is...I don't really listen to him. You see, I have this thing where, I don't really like wearing band tees if I don't listen to the band...I feel hypocritical and a bit of a poser. However, I am trying to get into his music again. I do respect his lyrics and what he has to say, and the fact that he really gave a Voice in mainstream music to blue-collar America. Anyway this is music nerd speak....

P.S: The third pic doesn't really count...but is still pretty awesome.

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Dirty Pretty Things - You Fucking Love It
This would be the perfect soundtrack to a bar fight.
Not that that's cool or anything.
Loves how sweet & short it is too.

Sunday, 21 March 2010

stylestalker dresses

(source: stylestalker)

Beautiful dresses from Australian label: StyleStalker.

P.S: ...and their real decent prices :)

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Ryan Adams - Wonderwall (Oasis cover)
It might be a crime, but I prefer this version way more then the original. His vocals and the guitar makes it so heartbreaking.

Rachel Bilson: Her Best Outfit # 1

(source: truenorthstyle)

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Rooney - I'm Shakin'

Are we having an O.C moment yet?
Super catchy song.

here she was just walking down the street

(source:, nanainwonderand,  justjared, unknown, alice and wardrobe wonderland)

....singing doo-wah-diddie diddie dam diddie do!

Notice a trend?
Jeans or Black leggings...check.

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Don't Tell Sophie - Vonnegut

Cherry Bomb

(source: wizzystyle)

love how the usually 50s pin-up swimsuit, is made to look more laid-back and hippie, thanks to the styling on Erin Wasson.

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Garbage - You Look So Fine

One of my favorite love songs. Its so desperate, sexy and haunting.

Saturday, 20 March 2010

wildfox hippie

(source: wildfox)

my favorite jewelery: silver & turquoise

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My Luminaries - Little Declaration