Tuesday, 16 February 2010

vanessa jackman photography/ blog

(source: vanessa jackman blog)

I've been bloglovin' this awesome photographer recently, and I just picked out all my favorites of hers (there's so many!) Here name is Vanessa Jackman, and you can check her blog out here!

1) love that waist belt that cinches that pretty white sweater dress. so simple, so pretty.
2) Love the silvery jewelery, especially the braclet.
3) like the Kate Moss vibe of this outfit: effortlessly stylish, its got that "i don't try to be stylish...i just am."
4) fabulo-so flowery print jacket?dress?. i'm salivating regardless. something Carrie Bradshaw would adore!
5) This outfit is so fashion victim! Too much trends in one!! (wow) - but somehow, it totally frickin' works.
6) black jumpsuit + killer shoes = dopeness.
7) ALL the essentials: denim shorts, boyfriend blazer, practical hippie bag.  cherry on top? floral doc marteens.

more vanessa jackman photos soon.....

Passion Pit - Eyes As Candles
fun! fun! i wanna dance naked to this song lol. okay maybe not naked.

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  1. I just discovered her blog today and I am hooked!