Wednesday, 24 February 2010

leather & jeans....garage glamourous.

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maciek kobielski photograph

Yesterday night I watched this indie movie called Lie With Me, it was quite sexually graphic, the type of thing you'd only see in European movies (it was a low-budget US movie). I really liked it thought. Once you got past the nudity and sex, you saw there was a story there. And the film is quite beautiful in how it captures the characters. That's what I've always liked about indie movies. It really leaves you time to reflect on the scenes, characters, etc. And you really feel like its authentic to life, or at least more then your usual bullshit moneymakin' hollywood movies. Well check it out if you can. It also features Feist & Broken Social Scene - Lover Spit, which is a beautiful heartbreaking song (that I actually discovered when I watched one of my favorite movies Half Nelson).
Anyway.... :P


this is a video of birds flocking in eastbourne (near brighton...woot!). usually i don't care for that kinda shit really. but with this song in the kinda creates a moment.
Broken Social Scene ft. Feist - Lover Spit

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