Tuesday, 23 February 2010


(source: lia's tumblr)
If this isn't your first time reading my blog, then you'll know of my BIG love for Miss. Kitty Purry. It's her tongue in cheek personality and her politically incorrect humour that wins my heart. The second thing, and its a v. important second, her 50s pin-up style & goofy threads reminds me that wearing clothes is supposed to be about having fun!

Below is a page I did on my scrapbook just before 'I Kissed A Girl' became huge worldwide...I think June/July 2008?
Am I the only person who thinks that song is a classic Pop song?

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Katy Perry - Cup Of Coffee
Another of my millions reason why I ABSOLUT(e)ly love Katy P: I truly believe she's a lyrical genius.
Okay, maybe not genius. But she's is a very very rare lyricst in the POP songwriting community. She makes all kinds of ordinary themes like; love FRESSSH again. This song is a PERFECT example. A song about a break up. Called Cup of Coffee. Listen to this brillance :P

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