Saturday, 16 January 2010

she's so chic!

(source: all from Thatschic)

My blog girl of the moment: Raych from That's Chic.

Why I like her & her blog: Raych has a great ability to make an (almost) all black outfit awesomely fresh and young. Trust me, that is not an easy feat. Her outfits are so well put together, without looking too thoughtout.
She has also uploaded some sweet-ass vlogs (that's video blogs) with her buddy Ted. And they are both so hilarious, and have such good chemistry together. Unfortunately, Raych doesn't seem to like doing them so much (too bad for us). At least we get to feast our eyes on her incredible fashion sense - this girl is truly chic.

p.s: hey raych, someone else made a collage of you! :)

Little Boots - New In Town (Fred Falke Remix)


  1. Aww Nia this is such a sweet write up!! I'll get you on my blog links now!!

    I am incredbily flattered. Thank you :) and awesome song!

  2. sweeeet! so glad u like it.