Friday, 29 January 2010

STrictly music-post: holy sh*t this is good


THE LOW-DOWN: So i have many things to thank Perez Hilton for, mostly for discovering Katy Perry (one of my faves) almost 2 years before I Kissed A Girl even aired on the US radio (!)...And recently I have him to thank for Mike Posner.
If you like Kid Cudi and/or Justin Timberlake, you'll probably like this: its Pop with a mix of Hip-Hop/R'n'B. His name is Mike Posner he sings, writes and produces his own beats. And yeah, his songs are pretty damn good. He just got signed recently last year, and I must say I'm pretty good at predicting success in Pop music and I think this dude's gonna be huge this year. Posner's already released 2 Mixtapes which you can get for FREE legally on the internet (itunes, google it etc). Definetly worth a listen! His lyrics & beats are equally awesome.
To find out more about his story check out the interview he did with PEREZ HILTON here.

THE SONGS: My favorite songs at the moment...

Still Not Over You (Feat. Eric Holljes)
This one samples The Fray's Over My Head. This one is my fave of the favorites @ the moment...the breakdown gives me chills
I Don't Trust Myself
Yes, he samples a whole lot, but he does it SO well. This song is 'inspired' by John Mayer's own I Don't Trust Myself, but of course Mike Posner adds his own flavour.
Drug Dealer Girl
Hot. I think this is his most popular song.


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