Sunday, 24 January 2010

longsleeve dresses CAN be sexy

(sources: glamouruk)

Now whoever said longsleeves are unsexy?!
 Sometimes less is more, and who frickin better (i can't help but swear sometimes) to demonstrate then Miss. Alexa Chung - nobody, that's my answer. She makes both these longsleeve dresses look elegant and fresh 'n' youthful. Her secret ingredent? Adding rockin' accessories. For a youthful kinda edge she went with ankle boots! And for a cutesy vintage feel, she went for sweet accessories like a pretty clutch, and pendant necklases.

Shelby Sifers - Are You Devo (The Spirituals Remix)
I picked this song, cause I figured Miss. Chung herself might like it too. Now, I don't know the girl but I sense that the quirky vocals and music, including the indie cred might spark interest.

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