Saturday, 16 January 2010


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I adore tights. Above are other alternatives to opaque tights:

Taylor Momsen's suspenders - Super-Sexy! This one is for the daring Lol. I must say it would be hard to pull off if your a) not a rockstar b) hooker c) tranny. But hey! I would think about wearing them for a night with the gays.
Now, I know the girls "only 16" and even thought I do find some of her clothes questionable for her age. I do tend to remind myself that when I was her age or even younger, I was fashionably allowed a lot of freedom. And so it dawns on me that I'm being kinda hypocritical. However, I never wore suspenders even at 18! Lol.

Kate Moss's fishnets - What I love about these tights...similar to the suspenders is that they can be regarded quite slutty. But if paired with a tomboyish items for example; a white shirt (like Momsen), or a green parka and cowboy boots (like Moss) it looks more like a fashion statement or quirky style.

Jess Origlasso's stripy tights - Love these. Because her shorts are black, wearing tights that are half sheer and half opaque keep the whole outfit interesting without being too much.There are also cute heart tights and dot tights that have become really popular recently.

Benji Hughes - You Stood Me Up

This artist is so dope. The beginning of this song sounds real old skool 90s R'n'B/Hip-Hop and the rest reminds me loads of Weezer; musically and vocally. Random, but it works. MUST.CHECK.IT.OUT!

P.S: Oops! Didn't know it stops before it ends...check out his stuff on his myspace HERE

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