Sunday, 31 January 2010

Favorite Outfits of the Week

(source: jaglever,,, pepperandchips)

1) This outfit seems pretty average, but look closer and you'll see she is wearing a Morrissey tee :) & ankle booties which are opened toed with studds on the front. It just gives it that special-ness.
2) Taylor Momsen is currently my fashion inspiration of the moment. I love her gothic influence, its very emo but in a sexy Family Adams type of way instead of cheap Hot Topic kinda way (no offesnse. that store does have a couple cute items).  In this outfit I love how she mixed baby blue, with a black lace cardigan and finished it with red wine coloured lips.
3) Simple and rock 'n'roll. Perfect for a rock concert. I'd probably ditch the ankle booties though.
4) I adooooore this outfit. Very femme fatale. She looks like a spy from the 1930s, those raybans rule. Similarly to Taylor Momsen (# 2), she's working the red wine lips. I really like the contrast of the lip colour with the satin beige shirt.  To finish off black platform pumps. wow.

The Pretty Reckless - Blender


  1. I'd really like that white shirt on the far left, it looks really cute. And everyone is wearing ankle boots which is making me depressed caus mine just broke! I need new ones ASAP.

  2. hey!
    sux that your ankle boots broke, hopefully you'll be able to get some new ones. I think black ankle boots are a totally essential item for your wardrobe, so even when it stops being trendy, i'm pretty sure it will be trendy again soon. THANKS for checking out the blog :)