Monday, 18 January 2010

Favorite Outfits of (last) Week

(source: all from elle)

1.Nice head to toe black and white outfit. I usually prefer at least a little colour in my outfit. But this outfit is so perfect, colour is unnecessary. Its simple, yet trendy and sophisticated. Great for evening wear.

2.This is definitely my favourite among the favourites. Its easy and looks uber-comfortable. Also other parts of the outfit that make it so special are: the long floral cardigan, the tie-dye back and the beat-up brown boots. Each item looks like they were bought from completely different stores. My favourite part of this is the body jewelery she's wearing (its not too clear but you can perhaps see some silver wear on top of her t-shirt).

3.So pretty. Florals with lots of black gives this outfit a nice edge. I think knee high socks can be so sexy! And this outfit proves that. And the ray bans give it a nice cool finish. Perfect for spring...

Does It Offend You, Yeah? - Dawn of The Dead
The sun was out today and almost all the snow melted away. Made me think of spring. So does this song.

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