Thursday, 21 January 2010

essential: denim. denim

The Shirts:
(source: pepper and chips, fashioncanvas,

The Jackets...
(source: elle,, unknown)

the best item to casual-fiy (yes, of course I made that up) an outfit.

Weezer - I'm Your Daddy
I never really understood the whole sexual kinkiness of calling your parent partner/boy/girlfriend your parent.
Its werid and too Freudian. No thank you.
But apart from the kinky-Freudian title, this song is your typical cutesy Weezer song. Lovin' it.


  1. denim shirts are incredible! i've been debating whether or not i should buy one for a very long time and i think i need to!! a semi-oversized lightwash one will be perfect


  2. nordstrom has an amazing denim shirt by nordstrom brand in the men's department. rag and bone makes a gorgeous one too. love the kate bosworth pic too!

  3. yea the kate bosworth pic is my favorite of the bunch. i also love how it goes so well with florals...and makes dressy outfits more laidback.

    - emily, an oversized lightwash sounds like a perfect idea, cuz so many different outfits can come of it.